Costa Rica Tourism

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World tourism has given a lot of importance to satisfy the growing demand for vacation time.

The principles of peace and democracy which Costa Rica has espoused throughout its history, naturally lend themselves to develop a series of tours and places with programs that specialize in recreation such as hiking, guided tours, group games, interaction with diverse communities and cultural groups, beach sports and others.

There are also opportunities to sample Costa Rican dishes.

You can choose from many different activities to enjoy with your loved ones during your free time. Sports, adventures, nature, relaxation, all are a part of Costa Rica tourism packages that you can experience here.

Costa Rica is the perfect place with an exotic ambient, captivating solitary beaches and a romantic way of being.

There are hotels specialized in honeymoons that will make you feel special at this time. You will find many options to choose from – there is something special here for every different taste and budget.

Boutique hotels offer greater privacy and these can be found near beaches, some with an all inclusive package. Others can be found in the mountains that allow you to enjoy that environment as well.

In Costa Rica you can walk alone together in natural surroundings, hide in the mist, observe the tropical flora and fauna of the tropical forests or listen to the rain while you embrace under the roof of your cabin.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica tourism activities such as horseback riding, breathing the fragrance of the forests while hiking, or feeling the excitement and adrenaline of activities such as rafting, cable car rides or zip lining through the tree tops.

Among the variety of places where you can spend these great moments you can find mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, tropical rainforests, lakes and more. All of these are great places are close enough that they can be easily reached by car or by air in order to make your visit unique and fascinating.

Main tourism locations for mountain hotels are found in Monteverde, the Northern Plains, the Central Valley, the North Caribbean, the South Pacific and Central Pacific.

The location you choose for your trip should have a warm and intimate ambient; it should be different and unforgettable. This is a special experience that will become a special memory forever.

Costa Rica is a paradise where you will be in contact with nature and beautiful scenery. You can enjoy tranquility or adventure tourism filled with emotions at the beach or surrounded by exotic forests!