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The Ministries of Tourism, Competitiveness, and Foreign Trade Health of Costa Rica signed a decree declaring Health Tourism as being “of public interest”. The health rates in Costa Rica, the quality of medical services and the low prices for these services, compared to other places, has made Costa Rica one of the most coveted destinations for medical tourism.

At the cities around the world the level of stress grows daily.  For this reason, one must look for ways to get away from it.  Costa Rica, a home for so many natural paradises, has been able to create the perfect combination between these environments and adequate infrastructure to offer health tourism.

You can give yourself the great opportunity of being able to rest in beautiful places, where the food, activities and esthetic treatments are here to make you have a relaxing holiday while improving your quality of life. All these elements will help you avoid tension, muscle pains, fatigue, migraines and reduce the signs of aging, that you feel better about yourself.

There is no doubt that Costa Rica has health indices as high as those found in developed countries even though we do not have the same financial resources as these.  Some of the best plastic surgeons in the world are found in Costa Rica. Even though this is a small country, health is a high priority and it has attained the level of care found in the United States and other highly developed medical systems.

San José, Costa Rica, has become a Mecca for highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeons as well as oral and ophthalmological surgeons.

Costa Rica has first class hospitals that cover all the medical specialties.  Patients are protected by adequate legislation, and this makes Costa Rica a very attractive place to come, if you are looking for high quality medical care. Health tourism has become a very important part of tourism in Costa Rica. Spas, resorts, recovery centers, clinics, plastic and aesthetic surgical stand clinics as well as health centers abound in Costa Rica. It is also easy to find hotels that specialize in health tourism here.

For many years plastic and cosmetic surgery were discover by many foreigners in this country because there is a group of highly qualified plastic surgeons here.  Each year more and more of these treatments take place here and vary from simple procedures to more sophisticated treatments. Breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery, rejuvenation treatments, facial plastic surgery and many others are done with great success.

For many years plastic and cosmetic surgery was sought after by many foreigners in this country as there is a group of highly qualified plastic surgeons here.  Each year more and more of these treatments take place here and vary from the simplest procedures such as a small scar repair, to the most sophisticated treatments that can change a person’s quality of life, overall health as well as the person’s self. A discussion with one of our surgeons will put you at ease and help you realize in the great hands you are and the many options available to you.  Whether you need implants, prostheses, orthodontics, cardiovascular, gastroenterological, orthopedic or other specialty care – you will find it far less expensive here without reducing your expectation of the quality care you would expect back home.

During your post-op time or while you are receiving treatments, you are accommodated at nearby hotels that cater your needs.  Depending on your health status, you can use this recovery time to tour the city and its environments, since there are few restrictions placed on your activities. Costa Rica Tour offers transportation to and from hospitals and doctors’ offices as well as to and from the airport and your hotel.

While in Costa Rica, you can live in complete harmony with nature and your food.  There are places that will be happy to offer you all organic food in delicious preparations. In these places, they use products that have gone under strict quality control and organic certification.

Furthermore, many hotels include attention to body and skin care to improve your body care.  They may offer you gyms and other exercise options to improve your overall health.

This movement of getting into a better physical shape is complement to the healthy weekend outings and the health related travel.  There are also a large number of Spas that offer several relaxation treatments as well as those directed to improve your overall health appearance.

Internationally, physical beauty for personal satisfaction has become an important topic.  Costa Rica is part of this tendency by offering services that will make the visitor look and feel better. You deserve it!  There are facial treatments, exfoliates, various modalities of massages as well as massage with volcanic mud and detoxification baths.  Yoga and Pilates classes can be found too, and your health will be improved as you take advantage of the unique natural benefits of bathing in thermal waters or receiving skin treatments with products made from natural medicinal plants grown locally.

You will have access to excellent installations, highly trained practitioners and company services that specialize in arranging your treatment in specialty clinics with guaranteed international standards and highly regarded specialists, including those who work in plastic and esthetic treatments.