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Costa Rica has the perfect ambiance for your business trip.

An appropriate symbiosis infrastructure either in the city, the beach or in an other wonderful natural environment makes this a place where you can come with your work team and conduct your meetings with the appropriate performance.

Its small size, its great variety of natural environments and its climate as well as all of its attractions, activities  and excellent accommodations infrastructure makes Costa Rica a highly sought after destination for those who would organize such events.

Furthermore, its ease t access by air to the main event centers, its hotels industry that can adapt to different budgets, the political stability and the security found here are all factors that play in helping you make your best decision.  Add this to a tropical paradise and you have an excellent destination for all your meetings needs. Invitees and their families can accompany your group and also enjoy the rainforest, volcanoes, rivers, beaches and innumerable natural treasures filled with adventure.  The options available to accompanying families are so many, once your work is finished, you will want to share some of these experiences with them and together enjoy the wonderful attractions that Costa Rica has to offer.

The hotels industry here is prepared to offer excellent service to all your invitees. There are five star luxurious hotels, boutique hotels and many others where you will find the appropriate infrastructure whether you are holding a large conference meeting or offering incentive packages.  There are Conference Centers with large meeting rooms for large events located mostly in the Central Valley that have a capacity of up to 2000 people.  There are also many other options in other regions of the country as well.

Access to all these different places can easily be done by land or by air.  There are direct flights from the United States and Canada, as well as from some other countries to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose or the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia allowing you to spend more of your time in what interests you the most.

Telecommunications and technological equipment are indispensible in today’s business environment.  In this aspect, Costa Rica has one of the most advanced telephone systems in Latin America. In this way all your business needs can appropriate be done and you will have the peace of mind that your Business transactions will go smoothly while you are here.  During your Business meeting you will have all the Tools at your disposal.

Moreover, your activities do not have to end in a meeting room.  There are several complementary services that will make your event a success.  There are banquet services, special parties and celebrations, a variety of restaurants, handicrafts and good transportation all over Costa Rica.

For those who specialize in incentive packages, prices are very competitive all year long.  As an added incentive for companies and organizations from the United States, many of the major expenses are tax exempt when Costa Rica is the location of your meeting.

To this you can add that you have the perfect tropical ambiance that offers its enormous natural inheritance.  This results in you being able to count on an attractive destination of almost limitless markets that includes vast rainforests, volcanoes, rivers that wind down the mountains, a large number of beaches natural resources that are protected by a solid system of national parks and forest reserves, all kinds of environments that forms an unparalleled scenario that combines multiple opportunities for adventure in a wide range of tourist attractions.

This translates to huge possibilities for any inventive travel organizer would like to carry out a magnificent tour program for any meeting.